Q: How does Solar Pal benefit me from a cost perspective?
A: No more replacing multiple cables and deep cycle batteries saving you time and and money over the life of the product.

Q: Why buy a Solar Pal?
A: Solar Pal is a hassle free way to automatically power your receiver and minimize project downtime from failure to charge batteries.

Q: How much sunlight is required for operation?
A: Full sunshine is best, but partly cloudy to overcast conditions will still produce optimal power to the receiver.

Q: What if I experience trouble with my unit?
A: The Solar Pal has a full 12 month warranty. Please contact us via email at webster.positioning@gmail.com for assistance.

Q: Does Solar Pal work in windy conditions?
A: Yes, the best practice would be to setup your tripod at a lower preset to give a wider and more stable platform.

Q: How do I setup Solar Pal?
A: Solar Pal was specifically designed for ease of use by industry professionals. You simply line up the hole on the Solar Pal bracket with the tripod connection bolt and tighten the receiver as usual. Then connect the power cable to the red connector on the receiver and turn Solar Pal on!

Q: Is there a discount for purchasing multiple units?                       

A: Yes, you can get 10% off when order 3 or more.  






Would like to talk to someone regarding the Solar Pal. Have a couple questions and would like to place an order directly with a quick turnaround.
Thank you very much.

Jeffrey Combs

Contact me about being a distributor.

Cory Webb

Hi Michael,

We are currently working on a Trimble solution with the 46125-20 power cable. From panel to connector the distance of the cable will be 5 feet. The current Topcon solution has a 3 foot cord for comparison. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to webster.positioning@gmail.com and we can keep you updated on progress.

Our panels have an IP 65 rating which means they are “dust tight.” We do recommend cleaning panels with soap and water as needed to optimize the conversion of sunlight to electricity.

Michael Nowotny

Does the panel have a connection that works with Trimble GPS receivers? I believe it uses a 7 pin lemo connection. We have 5 base stations that use sps 851-855 controllers and zephyr rugged antennas. The base controller hangs off the mid section of the fixed height tripod, so I’m also curious about the length of the power cable and how it fits with the trimble antennas.

Also curious about dust and dirt affecting the charge – does it need to stay very clean to work?

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